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Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Restore Plus

    Restore for one
    • Pull your report from required premium credit monitoring
    • Identify items to be challenged
    • Set your personal goals for financial freedom
    • Credit Analysis included
    • Includes Onboarding and 1st round of challenges
    • $99 monthly thereafter
  • One-on-One Consult

    • Analyze all 3 credit reports
    • Discuss strategies for improvement
    • Should you choose either plan, the $79 will be credited back
  • Monthly Fee

    Every month
    for Restore Plus Plan
    • Charged monthly while enrolled in the Restore Plus Plan
    • Covers additional challenges, etc
  • Restore Premium

    Flat Rate Repair
    • Same as Restore Plus
    • Pay upfront instead of monthly
    • No monthly fees for 6 months
  • 3rd Party Challenges

    Your information is with more than just the Big 3 (bureaus)
    • Innovis (known as the 4th bureau)
    • ChexSystems & EWS (checking & savings accounts, bad checks)
    • LexisNexis (insurance, evictions, debt locators)
    • CoreLogic (child support, court records, rental apps)
    • Clarity (personal loans, store cards, rent to own)
    • SageStream (utilities, credit cards, cell phone service)
    • Each 3rd party agency includes 2 challenges
  • Analysis

    Credit Analysis Report
    • Take the guesswork out of trying to find your negative items
    • No need to read through 30-40 pages of a credit report
    • Custom break down of your exact credit issues; 8-10 pages
    • Education of credit and how it works
    • No consultation included
    • Smart Credit or Identity IQ login required
    • Report will be emailed to you
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